Established in 2001, HYPE focuses on providing communities with drug-free, violent-free and diverse athletic events and programs for kids and adults. Midwest Recycling was excited to help HYPE with financial support by partnering with this non-profit organization.

“The Mission of HYPE Athletics Community is to create and strengthen infrastructures that support the positive development of Wayne County youth through athletic participation and competition, educational tutoring and literacy development, and social awareness including mentoring, counseling, life skills training and substance abuse education and prevention.”

HERO’s mission is to help people who are homeless, or at risk of homelessness, to recognize and claim the power within, in order to obtain their goals for personal growth and success. This charity’s service in our community helps those struggling to become a part of productive society again. Partners, like HERO, that change our neighborhoods demonstrate Midwest Recycling’s commitment to a better community.

“Though we find it easy to blame the homeless for their own difficult situation, historical record will show that arrival on the streets is often precipitated by a number of factors, least of which is a person’s flawed character. … Understanding that homelessness is not simply the fault of the individual will help us understand and develop ways to empower the homeless to better address institutional adversity and to achieve a more secure existence for themselves.”

The KIDS concept was created to help children and teens through a difficult transition time in their life. Within the scope of Kids In Distress Service’s mission statement; “we exist so that no child will go without”. The funds collected from Midwest help KIDS to purchase items such as non-recycled under garments, socks and shoes. It brings us joy at Midwest to know that distressed children and teens are being watched over by the caring people of KIDS, that’s why we willingly partner with them.

“Kids In Distress Services, Inc. is a 501(c)3 charity based in Saint Clair, Michigan. The sole purpose of the organization is to provide free clothing to underprivileged and displaced children in the surrounding areas. For each child referred to the agency, a guardian will get five sets of clothes, outer ware, shoes, and other age appropriate items such as hygiene products, diapers, and baby wipes.

In 2014, Kids in Distress Services (KIDS) helped over 16,000 children from the communities they service. Volunteers, with clothing and financial donations from community members and businesses, run KIDS almost entirely.”

Teaming with the City of Westland, an All-American City, was a perfect partnership for Midwest Recycling. We are grateful to Mayor William Wild who has encouraged his city’s businesses to help with our recycling efforts.

“Midwest Recycling is a valued community partner promoting Westland’s Mission Green initiative with its clothing recycling program. We encourage business owners to allow Midwest to place bins on their property as a means to increase traffic and show your customers that you are true community partners who care about the environment.”

Blue Hands United for Autism is an organization based in Dearborn, Michigan. Our mission is to bring awareness to autism and provide parents with resources needed to support their kids.